A Step-By-Step Guide to Restore Poor Hard Drive Work After Updating Windows

This is what you normally see when you tap Alt+Tab. Alternatively, you can click the Resume updates button from the Windows Update page. This chapter shows how to get your Windows 8.1 computer ready to use by adding devices (printers, etc), connecting to networks, managing power use settings, and getting files from other machines onto your new computer. Still, you can head over to Settings > System > Shared Experiences to see what’s available. Install updates automatically and restart at specified time.

If set to 1, Automatic Updates does not automatically restart a computer while users are logged on. The modern user now has an ‘expectation’ of smartphone-like experiences with every touchscreen panel they interact with. This prevents users from using that interface to make the change. The menu options on the right are where you can monitor each child’s activity and set link parental control limits. I strongly encourage you to spend some time with KDE’s Plasma, it’s inspiring regarding the ‘desktop paradigm’ insofar as we just want to refine, not disrupt it (familiarity is a good thing for users imho).

Go to the Windows Store to see a list of apps you own and to install the apps on other computers. To actually install these updates, Windows has to shut down most of the operating system. This minor build fixes a variety of issues, including one that prevented some apps from starting the first time you tried to launch them after resetting the app via Settings, and another that prevented Fingerprint from being offered as a sign-in option after waking a fingerprint-enabled device from sleep.

Step 4: Double click DisableAcrylicBackgroundOnLogon you just created, and change its Value data from 0 to 1 to turn off the acrylic blur effect. Once old Pods have been killed, the new ReplicaSet can be scaled up further, ensuring that the total number of Pods running at any time during the update is at most 130% of desired Pods. Although the old Microsoft Edge didn’t have much positive feedback within the users of Windows 10 but still some features in legacy Edge legacy were very good and handy to users, for example, annotation on web pages.

However, on standard laptops, touchscreens are less easy to use with the keyboard getting in the way. Name the new key WindowsUpdate and give create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value of ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate and give it a value of 1 and click OK. Maybe MS just doesn’t know that moving the local account option has annoyed its users. Most new Android Smartphones today come with a screen protector pre-installed, while some have a complimentary one that needs to be installed by the user.

After restarting your computer, now you should not be able to access all power plans options including Power saver, Balanced, and High performance. 03. If you want to activate rotation and turn off Lock, tap the same quick action button again. 6. In the Select columns, check Power Throttling. Early versions of the Creators Update included an easy graphical option to change this setting on Windows 10 Professional , but Microsoft decided to remove it.

Since many DLL errors are related to Microsoft-distributed libraries, checking for Windows updates can resolve issues by downloading the newest versions. Microsoft published a graphics driver update that fixes hardware acceleration for other apps, but now Sketchbook for Windows Tablet won’t start on my device. Windows 10 has the tendency to just keep old temporary files In fact, most of these files are not for any practical purpose or use.

If each user has his or her own account, then each person will have his or her own desktop for organizing files and folders. Sign in to a Microsoft account with administrator privileges. This GPO will only contain computer settings. So that was our quick guide on how to fix high CPU usage after installing KB4512941 update on Windows 10. As I have already mentioned, the problem is simple and so is the solution.

This directory serves as a cache location for Windows installer based applications along with "stripped down versions of the Windows installer data files," according to Microsoft. When the grace period is over, the computer will restart regardless of active hours with no ability to schedule. If you are using a removable storage device, such as a thumb drive, make sure to insert the device into the computer each time you save to it.