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Additionally, this analysis saves hours of time of looking at competitors’ content in an attempt to understand what they are doing differently. For named competitors, BrightEdge tracks keyword movement and performance week over week for in-depth reporting. They also use this rank data to drive reporting of other metrics such as market share against top competitors. BrightEdge also regularly tracks performance and market share over time to account for the constant changing of the search landscape and identification of emerging sites/competitors.

  • Clean up your drive for additional space.This is also the time to uninstall programs you aren’t using anymore and delete unnecessary files that you don’t want carried over to your SSD.
  • Follow the wizard to select your source disk and your destination .
  • You might need this if you have large folders, such as photos and videos, that might not fit on your SSD, and also to create a full system backup at the start.
  • Move large folders that don’t need to be kept on the SSD.Chances are your hard drive is larger than the SSD you are transferring to .
  • When you backed up your drive, it’s time to get rid of the additional disk space whatsapp windows 10 , because SSDs have much less space than regular hard disks, so we want your system partition to fit on the SSD drive.

Organizations have teams, which can essentially determine access to projects and reports that only they are allowed to see and use. Users are allowed Guest(Read-only) and Admin level access. There is no limit to the number of dashboards or filters an account has. Most enterprise-level websites have no shortage of backlinks, but where the real wins come from are often found in internal links and distribution of PageRank throughout the site.

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You don’t have to be an expert in SEO to be able to use the tool, gain benefits from it, or understand the data. My first demo of BrightEdge was in 2011 while working for ADP managing’s online marketing and analytics. They also have a pretty incredible engineering and SEO support team. Botify does this in a way that’s compliant with Google’s terms of service integrating with Google Search Console for keyword data rather than scraping the SERPs. Clients respond well to how Botify can combine data from the Botify Suite to see how content quality, technical issues, and internal page rank impact the crawl rate and keyword rankings.

The ease of uncovering insights that a client may miss with other tools is where Botify shines the most. If there are ever any questions, their SEO support team is available to help. Suffice it to say, their pricing is built to ensure customers are getting the most value out of the platform. Botify, as a company, works in an agile technical environment so they are always releasing new updates – from backend improvements like crawl speed or JavaScript rendering capabilities to UI/UX improvements.

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Botify works seamlessly with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and also AT Internet. They can connect with a site’s analytics account to bring in valuable visits data to overlay with their Botify Analytics crawl data. It ingests data from Botify Analytics in order to intelligently prioritize and suggest the most important actions a website could take to increase its organic traffic. Botify Intelligence is the machine learning component of the Botify platform.

Because BrightEdge collects and stores all of their own information, they are in a unique position in the market to be able to analyze the data on behalf of their customers using artificial intelligence. BrightEdge’s technical site audit solution is built directly into the platform allowing users to gain a deeper insight into how their SEO is performing. BrightEdge’s focus is on developing an all-encompassing search and content marketing strategy by bringing all aspects of a strategy into one platform.

For natural competitors, BrightEdge identifies the top-performing websites for all of a client’s most important topics, analyzes content and provides recommended changes to make in order to improve performance. Natural competitors are any websites that are currently outperforming a site for any keywords/topics the user wants to perform well for. BrightEdge enterprise SEO platform looks at competitors in two different buckets, natural competitors and named competitors.